About Me


A writer at heart, professionally speaking I'm also an artist, business owner, consultant, editor, game designer, publisher, voice actor, and website developer. Overall, I refer to myself as a creative industrialist, which I feel encompasses my every pursuit. Even so, having a knack for thriving in the realms of human imagination, my ultimate career was one I somewhat unknowingly decided upon at an early age.

That being said, I am—most of all—proud of my creations in the field of literature. Whether acknowledged by the masses, or merely a few, my printed stories are an excerpt of my life that I nevertheless hold in the greatest esteem. The "What-Ifs" and "What-Could-Have-Beens" which pervade my waking mind are the driving force behind them, and should even one other person come to love them as I do, I might then consider my mission a success.

In lieu of offering nothing more than a summation of my work however, I wanted to include resources I've found useful as a writer throughout the years. Scrolling down, you'll find my current autobibliography, and beneath that, the aforementioned. Concluding with a final message for those of you who may be aspiring authors, remember that nothing comes from time wasted. So be proactive, be creative—and most importantly—be yourself.




Writing Resources


236 Words to Use Instead of Said
and there are many more.


Behind The Name
reference site for first names.

Behind The Surname

reference site for last names.

self-publishing service, owned by Amazon.

donjon's RPG Tools
fantasy/science fiction name, map, and statistic generators.

Online Etymology Dictionary
reference site for English root word meanings.

Pseudo-Elizabethan Place Name Generator
over 100,000 random city/town names

WriteSparks! Lite
a free writing prompt generator.